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Un processo lungo e complesso che necessita di competenze tecniche specializzate
Le chemin de fer : une ossature durable de mobilité
L’elaborazione degli orari ferroviari : un lavoro da certosino
L'élaboration d'horaires ferroviaires: un travail d'orfèvre

Rail studies

Plan, Assess, Renovate, Design, Quantify, Schedule, Optimise, Calculate

A solid mobility backbone


Activity domains

Supply Concepts

  • Demand analysis, supply needs definition
  • Hierarchize the stops and stations
  • Hierarchize and structure the planned services
  • Defining of connection nodes
  • Schematic line mapping

Railway Networks Capacity                                           

  • Expressed as number of paths that can be operated within a given time interval
  • Timetable saturation method allowing to define the actual spare capacity values
  • Taking in to account every infrastructure and operational constraint
  • Bottlenecks identification
  • Strategic choices for capacity allocation

Infrastructure development

  • Requirements definition
  • Wanted properties definition
  • Schematic mapping of the infrastructure adjustments
  • Impact analysis on the network capacity

Timetable elaboration                                                                                

  • Timetables design
  • Graphic timetables
  •  « Netgraph » (regular interval network)
  • Taking in to account infrastructure and operational constraints

Running Time Calculation

  • Railways and tramways rolling stock
  • Infrastructure characteristics and rolling stock modelling
  • Theoretical and practical running time calculation
  • Comparison and choice of rolling stock types

Platform occupancy

  • Incompatible itineraries and other constraints detection
  • Platform allocation minimising conflict issues
  • Taking into consideration the operational needs
  • Taking into consideration the non-commercial movements (technical  movements)

Softwares used :