Road construction sites

Our strengths

With you from A to Z

Intervening from the design phase to the realization, our experts have a transversal vision that guarantees them a better anticipation of the subjects from the beginning of the studies

Complying with safety standards

By perfectly mastering regulatory and safety requirements, Citec supports you to ensure your site is fully compliant with current regulations.

Ensuring the coordination of actors

With a multidisciplinary approach, Citec seeks to establish and understand the needs of each stakeholder in order to optimise the coactivity during the phases of the work.

Guaranteing a multimodal approach

As a multimodal mobility expert, Citec helps you maintain a level of service that is close to the state before work, for all travel modes.

Ensure the smoothness of traffic, ensure the safety of users

The construction sites related to road works, structures, networks, ZAC…allow to ensure the planning of the territory and the maintenance of the heritage. They are therefore both essential and mandatory. Their implementation requires an organization and precise timing that often impose traffic restriction measures: reduction or closure of lanes, deviations, change of traffic lights intersections, etc. So, how do you make sure your roadworks don’t rhyme with traffic jams? An expert in developing the concept of construction site traffic, Citec supports you in reducing the impact of your work on traffic, from planning to monitoring execution. We provide you with the cross-cutting skills of a team of experts, always available, to ensure safety, reconcile travel modes and ensure your goals of fluidity.

Our services

Planning the stages of the construction site

  • Defining models and equipment for optimal maintenance of mobility, safety of users and workers
  • Minimize the impacts and inconveniences due to phase changes, optimizing the phases and favoring coactivity
  • Adapting to the traffic flow of the site to plan the most restrictive phases in off-peak periods or at night

Ensuring provisional adjustment of crossings

  • Implementing traffic lights plans for the construction phases and the final state
  • Verifying the programming before the intervention and therefore the compliance of the equipment on site during the implementation
  • Coordinating green waves between crossings

Integrating the specific needs

  • Meeting the requirements of special services: emergency vehicles, taxis, deliveries
  • Optimisation of pedestrian and two-wheel routes
  • Limit the environmental impacts associated with traffic

Organising coordination between actorsrganizzare la coordinazione tra gli attori

  • Support from the study phase to the award of contracts
  • Minimizing traffic impacts by optimally coordinating construction phases
  • Reconciling traffic needs and service constraints: civil engineering, networks, urban furniture, administrative services