Territorial studies

Our strengths

Knowing how to coherence mobility and urban planning

Mobility and urban planning are intimately linked. Citec’s multidisciplinary DNA guarantees that these links are taken into consideration, for a rational and economic planning of the territory.

Mapping to understand where we come from and what we are

To map is to reveal. Our teams of engineers and graphic designers are there to provide you with quality maps, graphs, educational and essential for any mobility analysis.

Tools to anticipate and others ones for a perspective view

Called on various issues, we have developed tools to illustrate possible futures and imagine the consequences of innovative scenarios.

Keys and strategies for a territorial policy

Planning the territory takes place over the long term. Our experts support you to understand the possible dynamics and think in terms of territorial strategy.

Thinking and organizing mobility at the service of the territory

Territorial studies are used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a territory, to quantify and locate the attractors and generators of demand for mobility, to identify on which parameters to act to dynamize a territory. They are often a prerequisite for justifying infrastructures, defining a program, anticipating future costs for communities or, again, designing a strategy with a concrete objective: mobility policy, sustainability policy, zero emissions, etc. Territorial studies are at the core of Citec’s expertise, because they lay the foundations for any study on mobility. Through the experience accumulated in this field and the diversity of the profiles of our experts, we are able to contextualize the problems of mobility, understand them in their transversality and lead to a tailor-made territorial analysis that takes into account the specificities of each territory. We operate at all levels, from the municipality to the region, in metropolitan, peripheral or rural contexts, across borders or in enclaves, to provide communities with an indispensable vision for their medium and long-term decisions.

Our services

Evaluate the territories from the point of view of mobility

  • Identify current and foreseeable difficulties and malfunctions and highlight the potential for reducing the use of motorized modes
  • Carry out socio-economic analyzes: demographics, employment, motorization rate
  • Study the origins / destinations of travel, calculate travel times

Conceive a mobility strategy

  • Propose parking planning principles consistent with local mobility objectives
  • Define the management of traffic flows and the assignment of roads adapted to the challenges of modal shift
  • Recommend measures to absorb the increase in mobility resulting from urban densification by public transport and soft mobility

Coordinate planning, territory, mobility

  • Participate in the regeneration of public spaces
  • Carry out urban integration studies for tram and bus lines, enhance intermodal spaces
  • Implement development plans in favor of soft/active mobility, develop restricted traffic areas

Develop mobility projects

  • Define the framework conditions relating to mobility management
  • Design a general accessibility plan
  • Define an action plan for mobility management measures and a synoptic of the state after implementation