Traffic regulation

Our strengths

Complete mastery of the process

Citec supports you in all your control project: from strategy, project execution, up to commissioning.

International competence

Citec adapts to local regulations and laws and regularly intervenes on complex large-scale regulation projects, in Europe and beyond.

High-performance technological tools

Constantly trained, our experts are aware of the latest regulatory developments and have the latest technological tools.

A tailor-made multimodal approach

Citec offers a personalized service to achieve your multimodal operational goals, responding to constantly evolving mobility needs.

Smart control of traffic flows

Fluidize, protect, prioritize: these are the goals of traffic light regulation. In fact, when road development no longer allows traffic management, when it is necessary to protect soft modes, promote modal shift, integrate TC priority or hold back traffic overloads…regulation with light signals provides effective responses. Citec helps you to optimize your plans to give each mode its proper place, in line with your mobility policy. From the simulation of an isolated intersection to more complex networks, Citec provides you with customized and integrated solutions, ranging from the development of the regulation strategy to the programming and commissioning of traffic light intersections.

Our services

Support from strategy to implementation

  • Develop the regulation strategy for complex intersections and road axes
  • Define the operational and operating principles
  • Carry out regulation projects, set-up and equipment plans
  • Support the tender phases
  • Program intersections with traffic lights, factory tests, put into service and ensure monitoring

Adapting traffic to mobility policy

  • Ensure centralised management with the establishment of a supervisor
  • Develop the operational strategy of expert systems: traffic observation by a traffic control centre and adaptation of the strategy to predefined rules
  • Designing route management to guide users on decongestion routes

Verification of existing regulation systems

  • Draw up terms of reference in the framework of the renewal of existing equipment
  • Provide technical assistance and test an existing installation
  • Draw up technical notes and material and functional specifications
  • Train employees and customers in the use of the tools

Manage traffic flows

  • Control the fluidity and speed of traffic: green wave, hierarchy of priorities
  • Configure access control to contain network overloads
  • Manage waiting times for pedestrians

Manage the priority of public transport

  • Improve the advancement of bus and tram lines: detection instruments, by-pass system, green wave
  • Develop innovative technologies with complex logics for the calculation of approach times
  • Studying and implementing innovative advertising systems

Run dynamic simulations

  • Conduct dynamic simulations of road junctions with Vissim and Aimsun software
  • Use or develop specific tools and software for the calculation and optimization of the traffic light plan (Sitraffic office, Crossig, VS-Worksuite), of rotary capacity (Girabase, Kreisel) and of green wave (Ondev)
  • Perform in-depth functional tests to validate operational strategies