Digital innovation

Our strengths

To concretely help you in your decisions

Our decision support tools allow you to respond to needs as concrete as they are diverse: territorial studies, modelling, transport planning, monitoring of your mobility plans, site monitoring, major events, etc.

A proven track record to support you

Project leaders, data scientists, geomathematicians, developers… our team of enthusiasts has more than 25 years of experience in developing transport solutions in Europe, North America and Asia.

Digital innovation, our DNA

Artificial intelligence, big data and geographic information… disruptive solutions are the research fields that we explore, in collaboration with schools and research laboratories of world-class quality.

High added value partnerships

Citec relies on a network of partners to provide you with global solutions: Here Technologies (world leader in location, traffic and navigation services), Orange (mobile data), arx IT (geo-informatics), DataCollect (multimodal counting), Interface Transport (urban logistics).

Digital innovation at the service of mobility

Citec has a research and development laboratory dedicated to the creation of digital solutions at the service of mobility and territories. Whether in collaboration with our experts (spatial planning, modelling, etc.), as part of transport studies or in direct support of our customers, Citec offers innovative solutions on Cloud technologies, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, mobility and geo-decision making applications. Citec’s ambition is to develop strategic partnerships with key players in the territories: AOM, companies, data/technology suppliers, clusters, schools / research laboratories.

Our services

Studying mobility with Geo-referenced Information Systems (GIS)

  • Produce spatial, socio-demographic and temporal analyses of the impact of your transport policies
  • Evaluate the performance of your current or future transport offers: journey times, congestion, accessibility, quality of connections, loads, source-destination flows
  • Produce modern reports and narrative papers to support decision-making

To communicate your mobility data with our solutions

  • Perform big data processing: transport data, socio-demographic data, Floating Car/Mobile Data, multimodal counts
  • Create mobility monitors to track the evolution of your users’ movements over time: travel plans, job monitoring, major events
  • Provide a modern visual web platform for decision support with infographics and interactive maps
  • Perform multimodal on-site surveys using data collection applications, up to the production of reports and dashboards

Capture, process and communicate information digitally

  • Share your initiatives with your audience by setting up a collaborative web platform, GIS and OpenData
  • Inform your transport users with mobility assistance applications: route calculators, Maas
  • Optimise your routes with fleet monitoring

Developing Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) projects

  • Assisting the contracting entity: needs analysis, audits and recommendations for digital solutions
  • Agile management and coordination of multi-partner and international ITS projects: passenger information, ticketing, data repositories
  • Consulting, design and development: Web, Mobile, Cloud, GIS, IA, Big Data