Public transport and interchange hubs

Our strengths

Diagnostics and restructuring

Citec has the competence and the effective tools to guarantee in full independence the three phases of a restructuring: the diagnosis, the formulation of service principles and the proposals for the construction of new lines.

Tailor-made master plans

Our local public transport (LPT) experts master both the technical constraints of operation and the financial estimates of the costs and revenues inherent in any new offering. Thus, they accompany you in planning a LPT offer adapted to your objectives and available means.

Delegation Public Service and calls for tenders

Both for the authorities that organize the transport and for the operators, Citec has a proven experience in the preparation of the documents necessary for the provision of LTP lines or networks and regularly intervenes in the analysis of the responses to calls for tenders, in the negotiations and in the evaluation of candidates.

Projects for new infrastructures

Infrastructures such as new railway lines, tramways or BRT require numerous preliminary studies during which Citec makes you benefit from its multiple technical skills in all areas of planning: studies of demand, supply, impact, management of construction sites up to commissioning in service.

Restructuring of the national RGTR bus network, Luxembourg On the occasion of the renewal of the contracts of the various bus operators of the national RGTR network, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures wished to review the entire network to make it more efficient and more accessible... Read more Master plan for public transport, Geneva The mandate is to provide a public transport network across the canton of Geneva, taking into account the socio-economic development forecasts of Greater Geneva and the cantonal mobility policy... Read more 25 years of projects
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Intermodal networks to serve a territory

Studies on local public transport (LPT) and interchange hubs aim to develop a «mass» transport offer that serves as an alternative to the individual car. It involves developing existing public transport networks or renovating networks to accompany the future commissioning of a new infrastructure or mode of transport. The studies of the interchange poles aim to produce an in-depth analysis of the structures, the organization of public spaces, pedestrian and LPT flows and the necessary interactions with other modes of transport. Specialist in public transport and interchange hubs, Citec has been accompanying communities for 25 years in their reflections on their current and future networks, from preliminary studies to their commissioning. Our approach is guided by the consideration of travelers’ well-being and the satisfaction of their mobility needs. At the same time, we are committed to estimating future attendance, as well as operating costs, revenues and ultimately their subsidy, to ensure controlled costs for the community.

Our services

Carry out preliminary studies

  • Plan transport networks
  • Carry out socio-economic assessments
  • Carry out studies for the integration of public transport on a dedicated site (BRT)

Driving the validation process

  • Define a conciliation protocol
  • Lead the consultation
  • Ensure the processing of oppositions

Monitor the operations

  • Review and analyze frequency
  • Conducting Origin-Destination (OD) surveys
  • Measure commercial speeds

Support the concession request

  • Develop the justification of the work
  • Define the path
  • Conduct preliminary design

Project development

  • Define the location of the work, the sizing of the roads, the traffic patterns
  • Identify support measures on the impacted areas
  • Development of plans and foresee the development of interchange poles

Ensure the implementation of the LPT project

  • Establish the signage plans, the regulation strategy and program the traffic light intersections
  • Organize traffic during construction phases and implement support measures
  • Assist the tender procedure and ensure execution


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