Mobility plans

Our strengths

Anticipate in order not to suffer

A mobility plan supports changes in a territory.

Multimodal: to each one his own role

A mobility plan deals with all modes of travel.

From theory to implementation

A mobility plan is not a paper plan, it is concrete on the ground.

Strong competence

A mobility plan requires global skills in mobility engineering.

Study current travels, predict tomorrow’s mobility

Territories are living organisms with a history and a future. Mobility planning must be part of this vision of heritage by anticipating and supporting change. While each period has seen the apogee of one mobility compared to another (the train over the stagecoach, the car over the train…), the challenge is to imagine the multimodal solution that meets current and future challenges. The work scales play a decisive role, the short or long distance requires distinct but complementary approaches to achieve the objectives that civil society will have set itself to live well together. Mobility plans are an opportunity for Citec to concentrate in a planning document the main rules of the game of mobility of a territory.

Our services

Establishing the diagnosis of the current situation

  • Take note of existing or ongoing planning documents and studies
  • Point out the malfunctions
  • Consolidate diagnostics using surveys, questionnaires, counts
  • Define strategic objectives

Analyze and map the travels

  • Produce summaries for transversal themes or geographical sectors
  • Carry out territorial analyzes (GIS) on the basis of domestic surveys, population microcensuses, etc.

Draw guidelines and diagrams

  • Planning the development of the territory and public spaces
  • Specify the urban planning, equipment and services
  • Integrating transport systems: individual, public and soft modes

Schedule measurements, decline action tabs

  • Define planning, degree of urgency, costs, budget and financing
  • Determine the expected effects and impacts
  • Monitor measurements and identify monitoring indicators

Concerting and communicating

  • Advise and guide decision-makers, administrators and technicians
  • Animate seminars and thematic workshops
  • Gathering actors around the same project