Multimodal travel master plan, Conthey-Sud

The municipality of Conthey intends to conduct a global and multimodal reflection, particularly considering the extensions of the artisanal and commercial zone, the road network which adapts accordingly, the challenges of securing soft modes and prioritizing or taking into account the modes alternatives to the car (progression of buses on the cantonal axis). The AggloSion agglomeration project, in which the municipality of Conthey occupies an important place, was selected among the projects submitted in Bern. From now on, the redevelopment projects of the cantonal road T9, the avenue de la gare and the interface of the Châteauneuf-Conthey station have co-financing and are to be specified in the context of this study.

Mobility plans

Municipality of Conthey

Conthey (Switzerland)


Role of Citec

  • Multimodal diagnosis of the current situation
  • Analysis of short-term development potential (known projects), medium and long term (reading of the area plan)
  • Strategic objectives for all modes
  • Future road, public transport and soft modes master plan