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20 June 2018

Paris 2024 Olympic Games : Paris keeps collaborating

By 2024, Paris will host the Summer Olympic Games. This worldwide event will be a huge “made for sharing” celebration ! Citec will support the Organizational Committee for mobility-related aspects. The work group, run by Citec, gathers strong skills from the mobility field : arxiT, EPFL and VITA laboratory, SYSTRA and Quantis.

12 March 2018

Citec at AGES annual event in Lyon

  Citec is at AGES annual event in Lyon, France, where most important event providers and suppliers meet for next biggest events such as Paris 2024, Tokyo 2020 or Fête des Vignerons 2019. Citec is always taking opportunities to keep up to date as event expert.

2 January 2018

Citec takes part in the first mobility studies for the Fête des Vignerons 2019

  Citec was put in charge of a coordination mission within the FDV’19  Mobility Commission by its President, Philippe Bovy.   Two years and a half before the event, Citec has conducted, in partnership with the Canton de Vaud, a preliminary study of transport demand, and, among ohters, proposed various solutions to compensate for the […]

11 December 2017

Glasgow European Championships 2018 : Citec gives a concept of transport operations

The concept of Glasgow European Championships is different from a «Games » one because each sport federation is a separate event organiser.   Citec gave support to Glasgow City Council (GCC) to elaborate a transport operational plan that meets the mobility needs that are radically diverse from one discipline to another. One of the objectives is […]

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