Citec Group

A global support for integrated mobility

The Citec group is made up of companies whose expertise covers the entire mobility chain. This unique transversality allows us to provide you with a systemic vision and complete solutions to address all your problems.

Transport engineering


Logistics of goods




Geoinformatic solutions


Data acquisition





Since 1995, Interface Transport has been providing solutions to freight mobility needs. In 2018 Interface Transport became part of the Citec group. With Interface Transport, Citec continues its development with the aim of offering complete support for integrated mobility. After realizing the freight plan of the Canton of Geneva, Interface Transport decided to open an agency in Geneva in 2019. 

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Playground is an event engineering company supporting sports event organizers in the design, planning and operational coordination of their arrangements, with recognized expertise in the accommodation, transport and catering functions. Founded in 2017, the Paris- and Bordeaux-based company has more than 120 events to its credit.

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Company founded in 2001 following the development of GIS and the connection of information technologies and information needs in the transport sector. The first concrete result of the collaboration with Citec is the conceptualization and implementation of infomobility in Geneva. Several projects, from the mobility center, smartphone applications and other technological projects, were carried out in close collaboration with arx iT. 

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A company created in 2003 to meet the expectations of the French-speaking market in terms of data acquisition, DataCollect quickly specialized in road counting, parking and acoustic surveys. Naturally Citec collaborated in the development of this company by participating in the implementation of the investigation process to promote quality. 

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IMDM has been supporting renowned infrastructure managers since 2012. IMDM offers a range of services in the field of asset management: creation of inventories, modelling and economic optimization of the life cycle of assets, simulation of capital policies, risk management, change management… 

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