Municipal Mobility Plan, Tournai

Tournai is a city of 67,000 inhabitants which is committed to having a Communal Mobility Plan with the support of the Walloon Ministry of Equipment and Transport. The study consists of multimodal expertise for the development of a prospective planning tool. It results in a sustainable management program for travel and facilities for the entire municipal territory. The Communal Mobility Plan targets accessibility and mobility, road safety and quality of life objectives. It also constitutes a framework and a dynamic of information, awareness, consultation and coordination of local actors.

Mobility plans

Walloon Region

Tournai (Belgium)

2001 – 2003

Project characteristics

  • City of 67,000 inhabitants
  • City-center with a great architectural heritage
  • 29 suburban and rural villages
  • Regional school and industrial center

Role of Citec

  • Establishment of an inventory and diagnosis of the current situation: analysis of networks mode by mode, traffic counts, parking surveys, highlighting issues and dysfunctions
  • Definition of specific objectives to be achieved by the mobility plan
  • Development of the master plan and the detailed plan for the organization of travel and parking, including all development and traffic measures, as well as specific components: movement of pedestrians, cyclists and PRMs, public transport, parking , goods, signaling, regulation of intersections
  • Definition of an action program for the implementation of the selected measures