UEFA Euro 2012 transport expertise, Geneva

Poland and Ukraine have been selected for the organization of the European Football Championships in 2012. A joint assessment of the accessibility potential of the two countries in view of this sporting event has been carried out. The analysis of the state of play and projects of the 12 candidate cities was carried out from the point of view of transport infrastructure, airports and hotel supply. This made it possible to compare the current supply with the demand for an event such as the UEFA Euro and identify the risk in each area.

Large events


Geneva (Switzerland)


Project characteristics

  • 3rd sporting event in the world, 3 billion viewers
  • 12 cities, about 2,000 km away, from Gdansk to Donetsk
  • 20 billion euros of investment planned in total in the 2 countries

Role of Citec

  • Expertise on the transport side as «Airport and Public Transport Manager» for UEFA
  • Project management with organization, coordination and follow-up of meetings between host cities, national authorities and transport operators to validate and standardize mobility plans between host cities
  • Drafting and illustration of the land, long and short distance accessibility component
  • Calculation of the transport capacity and aspects of accessibility to the stadiums in connection with the criteria of comfort, safety and reliability required for each customer
  • Creation of plans and infographics serving as a basis for communication with spectators and customers