Restructuring of the national RGTR bus network, Luxembourg

On the occasion of the renewal of the contracts of the various bus operators of the national RGTR network, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure wished to revise the entire network to make it more efficient and more accessible. Citec has been mandated to develop a comprehensive and structured redesign of the national bus network. This restructuring is based on a diagnosis of supply and demand, an exhaustive study of the major possible service concepts and the development of the sector-specific basic network. Among the methodological elements employed: the operation of the OD survey, the simplified network design in order to visualize and analyze the VP and Public Transport flows and the adequacy between supply and demand.

Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures


2017 – 2018

Project characteristics

  • Restructuring of 342 bus lines of the national RGTR network

Role of Citec

  • Analysis of supply and demand for travel in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, including cross-border journeys
  • Proposal of the various service principles imaginable for the Luxembourg network
  • Organization of the country and cross-border areas into several regions and into several axes bringing together similar mobility needs
  • Development of a structuring national network integrated and coordinated with other networks (train, TCU, school) defining the bus lines necessary to meet the demand for travel and their characteristics