Parking policy of the municipality, Grand-Saconnex

Faced with recurring parking problems, the municipality of Grand-Saconnex wishes to have a comprehensive study to objectify and orient its parking policy throughout the municipality. The study has two objectives: to quantify/qualify the use of public places to identify dysfunctions and to propose management measures to correct them according to the objectives set. The diagnosis was carried out using a socio-economic analysis, making it possible to define seven sectors of different use and/or density. The analysis of parking supply and demand was carried out in order to be able to set objectives and define a public parking management policy.



City of Grand-Saconnex

Grand-Saconnex (Switzerland)

2016 – 2017

Project characteristics

  • Average motorization rate 450 vhc/1,000 inhabitants. (ranging from 178 to 1,634 vhc/1,000 inhabitants depending on the sectors considered)
  • 1,200 public car spaces, 300 two-wheeled spaces
  • 8,350 private places (inhabitants, jobs, visitors)

Role of Citec

  • Socio-economic analysis
  • Parking supply statement
  • Surveys on parking demand (subcontracted to DataCollect SA)
  • Diagnosis of parking lot occupancy
  • Analysis of the users structure and supply consumption
  • Formulation of parking management objectives