Overpass N12, Refurbishment of the slow lane, Geneva

During the construction of the N12 motorway in the 1970s, the uphill slow lane was coated in concrete between the La Veyre interchange and the bridge over the Veveyse de Fégire. In 2007, this concrete track was covered with a hydrocarbon coating during the UPlaNS 007 maintenance work in order to improve the bearing capacity, but this measure was unfortunately not enough to limit the damage. This slow track is therefore the subject of a new refurbishment in order to take effective measures and limit the degradation as much as possible. This involves reinforcing the base layer and replacing the coating layers. The structure of this new path must be able to withstand until the next UPlaNS.

Federal Roads Office (OFROU)

Veveyse (Switzerland)

2018 – 2020

Project characteristics

  • 6’200 km of slow track to resume
  • 5 static construction stages
  • 28 night interventions for switching stages

Role of Citec

In association with AFRY Suisse SA, participation in phases 32 to 53:

  • Preparation of a traffic management report
  • Establishment of the part of the DAO corresponding to traffic management
  • Establishment of a Type B GUC
  • Establishment of traffic management plans and validation within the blue light unit
  • DLT for all operations modifying traffic management
  • Coordination with nearby sites