Étang district, Geneva

As part of the territorial planning of the Greater Geneva Area, a series of major projects has been defined on identified sectors with real development potential. The Étang neighborhood project, located in the municipality of Vernier, is at the crossroads of the major projects «Vernier–Meyrin–Aéroport» and «Châtelaine» that are considering the creation of many jobs and housing. The project involves the construction of nearly 250,000 m2 of gross floor area mainly for activities and housing.

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Geneva (Switzerland)


Project characteristics

  • Diversified program: shops, hotel, administration, industry, crafts
  • Concept of parking pooling
  • Related projects developed to promote multimodality within the neighbourhood

Role of Citec

In association with architectural offices (including Dominique Perrault Architecture), landscape and civil engineers, networks, environment and acousticians:

  • Definition of public spaces for all modes
  • Parking sizing
  • Establishing current and future expense plans and
  • Calculation of the capacity used of crossroads
  • Determination of traffic generation of future users