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Riqualificazione degli spazi urbani, un modo per restituire la città alla mobilità dolce
La mobilité douce: un rayon d'action souvent inattendu
Aires de chalandise des arrêts de transports publics
La mobilità dolce, un raggio d’azione spesso inaspettato

Local and urban development

Assess, Plan, Design, Promote, Coordinate, Densify, Develop

Urban development and mobility


Activity domains

Local analysis under mobility point of view

  • Potential future critical issues identification
  • Highlight of potential modal share redestribution against motorised modes
  • Socio-economical analysis (demography, employment, motorisation ratio, etc.)
  • Origin/Destination demand analysis
  • Travel times calculation

Strategic plan definition

  • Parking strategies according to the local long term planning targets
  • Flows management and road section design according to the modal split
  • Mobility requirements definition in case of urban densification and measures to decrease the motorised modes’ share

Urban planning and mobility coordination

  • Public spaces requalification
  • Tramway and bus lines design
  • Multimodal hubs development
  • Limited traffic areas organisation
  • Soft mobility development plans

Mobility concept definition

  • Mobility strategic concept to approach transport issues
  • Action plans and mobility management measures
  • Accessibility plans
  • Monitoring programs to evaluate results after mobility measures implementation