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Coordinare urbanistica e mobilità per uno sviluppo sostenibile delle città
Coordonner aménagement et mobilité pour un développement durable des villes

Urban planning

Assessment, Design, Proposal, Material, Integration, Information, Implementation

Mobility as urban planning and development tool


Activity domains

Public spaces requalification

  • Residential and pedestrian streets design
  • Urban requalification
  • Public consultation and authorisation procedures
  • Exectuive projects
  • Implementation


Integration between mobility and urban planning

  • Urban connections between public spaces
  • Urban park concept design
  • Parking infrastructures design
  • Parking areas organisation


Multimodal hubs development

  • Accessibility and densification plans around multimodal hubs and stations
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Safety and security assessment for pedestrian and bicycle routes


Limited traffic zones’ organisation

  • “30km/h” speed restriction implementation
  • “Zone de rencontre” – pedestrian and convivial areas
  • Measures for persons with reduced mobility (PRM)
  • Safety and security on school routes


Solutions and planning for soft mobility

  • Development plans for pedestrian and bicycle networks
  • Measures to guarantee network’s continuity
  • Green avenues


Tramway and bus lines integration in the urban network

  • Routes definition
  • Public transport reserved lanes
  • Stops and multimodal trasfer interfaces organisation