Towards the Olympic Winter Games in Switzerland?


Could the Olympic and Paralympic Games be held in Switzerland from 2030 onwards? A feasibility study, in which Citec participated, sheds light on this question.

Feasibility study Switzerland 203x. Credits: Swiss Olympic

Switzerland last hosted the Olympic Games in 1948 in Saint-Moritz. Over the past 75 years, however, the various applications submitted have ended in failure. While the next Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games after 2026 have not yet been awarded, the Swiss Olympic National Committee, in collaboration with Swiss Paralympic and the Olympic Winter Sports Federations, wished to carry out a feasibility study concerning possible Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games “Switzerland 203x”. This study aims to provide answers to two fundamental questions: Is the organisation of a large-scale event such as the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Switzerland from 2030 onwards financially, politically and technically responsible? What would be the positive effects and benefits of holding the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games for Swiss society as a whole?

Switzerland 203x: Citec’s expertise requested

This feasibility study is the result of an intense process of consultations, initiated since April 2023, with various stakeholders and many specialists. Among the latter, Citec has been entrusted with the assessment of mobility aspects in the context of the 203x Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Switzerland: General transport concept, demand estimation, risk analysis and provisional budget. Regularly involved in Large events (Ryder Cup 2023, Paris 2024, Milano-Cortina 2026, etc.) our experts were able to capitalise on their experience so that mobility is a key factor in ensuring more sustainable and resource-efficient Games, in line with the Switzerland 203x vision.

Positive conclusions

Published on October 18th, the feasibility study concludes that “Decentralised Winter Games, adapted to Switzerland, are feasible”. Indeed, Switzerland could host competitions in all four of the country’s language regions, thus becoming the first “host country”, as opposed to “host cities”. The territory also benefits from already existing infrastructures for 13 of the 14 Olympic winter sports. In addition, a financing of CHF 1.5 billion from mostly private funds is described as realistic. Finally, the project would also benefit from broad public support, with 67% of respondents saying they were in favour of the principle of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Switzerland. It remains to be seen whether these positive conclusions will convince the Sport Parliament, which is due to vote on 24th November on whether or not to move to the next stage of the dialogue with the IOC, which is in charge of awarding the 2030 and 2034 Games in the summer of 2024.

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Read the feasibility study “Jeux Olympiques et Paralympiques d’hiver Switzerland 203x” (FR)

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