Update of the multimodal model, Toulouse

Since 2004, Tisséo-SMTC has had a multimodal model. This tool, developed under Visem-Davisum, is being updated on several fundamental points: the size of the model and its weight, the new mobility data, the evolution of the territory and the migration to the latest version of Visum. The project therefore aims not only to update socio-economic data and the network, but also to migrate to the latest version of Visum and to redefine the modeling methodology.


Tisséo – SMTC

Toulouse (France)

2013 – 2014

Project characteristics

  • 1,420,000 inhabitants in the perimeter
  • 539 municipalities integrated into the model

Role of Citec

As lead agent with Transamo and Arcadis:

  • Model Network Update (TC and VP)
  • Update of the scope of the model
  • 2013 SME Operations
  • Calibration of the demand model
  • Setting the assignment model