Transport Advisor Ryder Cup 2023

The Ryder Cup is the most prestigious international golf competition in the world. Are expected an overall of 250’000 spectators. TV coverage will be broadcasted in nearly 200 countries, reaching more than 500 million people. It is played every 2 years, alternately between Europe and the US, and it is a competition between the best European and American golfers.
The 2023 edition of the Ryder Cup will be held in Rome at the Marco Simone Golf Club from September 26th to October 1st.
The venue is located in the outskirts of Rome (Guidonia Montecelio). Road network around the venue is characterized by a lot of traffic jams and complex accessibility. The region Lazio has foreseen a budget of over 50M€ to adjust road infrastructures. The Organising Committee assigned to Citec the responsibility to develop the mobility and transport plan.

Large events

European Tour

Roma (Italy)


Project characteristics

  • 6 event days (3 training days and 3 competition days)
  • 250’000 total spectators (50,000 on the peak days)
  • 7 transport hubs (2 train stations, 3 park & ride areas and 2 pick-up/drop-off areas at the Marco Simone Golf Club)

Role of Citec

  • Development of the mobility plan of the event
  • Development of the transport budget
  • Development of the spectators demand model and relationships with the public bodies
  • Bus and coaches estimation and organization of the invitation to tender for their procurement
  • Organization of the spaces at the different transport hubs (access plans and techincal drawings)