New district «Les Jardins de la Pâla», Bulle

The Retail Development Plan (PAD) 43 «La Pâla» provides for the construction of approximately 125,000 m2 of floor space primarily for housing, office activities and a few shops. A school is also planned. After several studies carried out between 2015 and 2018 to assess the site’s potential and support the parallel study mandate, the selected project, which has more than 1,000 car parking spaces, must be the subject of an impact study. Citec is in charge of the mobility component. This PAD is located in a rapidly changing area: PAD 44 «Les Jardins de La Pâla» with a total of 540 car spaces is being built on neighboring plots, and a requalification project is planned on the road of La Pâla, the street of Vevey, and the H189 slip road.

Impact studies

Urban Project

Bulle (Switzerland)


Project characteristics

  • 90,000 m2 of housing, 35,000 m2 of activities and 7,000 m2 of school
  • Approx. 1,200 spaces for cars, 60 spaces for motorized two-wheelers and 3,450 spaces for bicycles
  • 4,800 vehicles per day generated by the neighborhood
  • 5 vehicle accesses to the neighborhood and 8 key intersections analyzed

Role of Citec

  • Multimodal diagnosis of site accessibility
  • Establishment of current load plans
  • Inventory of surrounding projects
  • Establishment of future load plans without a project (two future horizons)
  • Sizing of parking needs
  • Study of neighborhood accessibility variants
  • Generation and allocation of generated traffic
  • Establishment of load plans with project
  • Verification of the used capacity of intersections
  • Proposal of measures to encourage soft modes and public transport