Development of the macroscopic model, Réunion

Urban developments, transport infrastructure… the proliferation of projects by the various players in the territory of Réunion makes it difficult to take them into account and assess their impacts in the various strategic discussions carried out by the Region. The latter therefore wishes to acquire a macroscopic multimodal model. This decision support tool aims to be able to test and orient itself towards development scenarios consistent with the current and future needs of users.


Réunion Region

La Réunion (France)


Project characteristics

  • More than 800,000 inhabitants
  • More than 2,500,000 trips generated per day
  • 388 fine areas
  • More than 8,000 km of road network and 279 modelled bus lines

Role of Citec

In association with Ingétec:

  • Exploitation de l’EDGT 2016
  • Construction des réseaux routiers et TC
  • Construction et calibrage du modèle de demande
  • Calage des affectations TI et TC
  • Construction des scénarios prospectifs