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Road works

Plan, Design, Coordinate, Regulate, Implement, Simplify, Minimise the impacts

Supporting the mobility


Activity domains

Construction sites project planning

  • Site layout definition to guarantee optimal mobility during the construction
  • Minimisation of impacts during the construction
  • Construction phases planning to harmonise the most binding phases with the off-peak periods

Temporary traffic light coordination

  • Traffic light control plan for construction phases and final status
  • Traffic flow management
  • Traffic coordination (green waves) between traffic lights


Specific requirements and special needs

  • Special vehicles traffic management (emergency vehicles, taxis, deliveries, etc.)
  • Pedestrian and bicycle routes optimisation to access main interest points
  • Environmental impacts reduction with traffic management measures


Services coordination

  • Support in the procurement process
  • Construction phases coordination to minimise impacts on the traffic
  • Interface role between local involved actors (engineering services, urban managers, local authorities, network suppliers, etc.)


Routes management

  • Limitation of traffic load around the construction perimeter
  • Circulation schemes
  • Temporary signage: visibility and traffic diversions management


Priority measures for public transport 

  • Public transport routes definition and bypass solutions around the construction perimeter
  • Traffic light coordination to prioritise public transport