Jean-Daniel BuriDirecteur Général Adjoint

BURI Jean-Daniel BU

Transport engineer, graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Jean-Daniel Buri is the railway expert of the Citec office. He worked for 10 years for Professor Rivier at the Laboratoire of Intermodality of Transport and Planning (LITEP) before joining Citec, maintaining, until 2016, the position of teaching and competence at the EPFL. He is currently head of the Railway division of the Citec office, while he holds the position of deputy general manager of the Citec group. Trainer in matters relating to railways and public transport, he regularly teaches at the Union of Public Transport Publics (UTP), at the Association of public transport professionals AGIR, as well as at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (HES-SO ). 

Fields of expertise
  • Review and evaluation of the railway networks 
  • Study of the functioning of rail and road transport networks 
  • Analysis of the capacity of the railway networks 
  • Analysis and evaluation of the capacity and operability of large railway stations and junctions 
  • Identification of needs, in infrastructure or rolling stock, both passenger and freight 
  • Planning of the TC network and interchange poles 
  • Territorial study in the field of public transport 
Main projects
  • RAILWAY – Experience on increasing the capacity of the Geneva Cornavin station, functional/management aspects, Geneva 
  • RAILWAY – Expertise on the relevance of investments to reduce travel times Bern-Lausanne, Switzerland 
  • RAILWAY – Technical Assistance related to the definition of the TER regional service, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region 
  • RAILWAY – Feasibility of the offer at quarter of an hour of the RER Vaud during the works of the Lausanne station operated as two half stations «Sempione» and «Berna», Lausanne 
  • TPL/EXCHANGE POLES – Restructuring of the TC network in Upper Broye and in the south of the canton of Friborg, Vaud / Friborg 

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