Olympic Winter Games 2026 Candidature of Milan-Cortina, Italy

Citec is proud to provide the Italian National Olympic Committee with its support and expertise in terms of transport and mobility for the candidacy for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Milan Cortina 2026. Citec supports the committee in the definition and management of a transport plan for the Olympic Games fully compliant with the New Norm 2020 published by the International Olympic Committee.

Large events

Sport e Salute SpA

Milano-Cortina (Italie)

2018 – 2019

Project characteristics

  • 4 competition areas: Milan, Cortina, Valtellina and Val di Fiemme
  • 2 international airports: Milano Malpensa and Venezia Marco Polo
  • 13 competition venues

Role of Citec

  • Design of the mobility plan and operating diagrams for accredited transport services and spectators
  • Detailed analysis of the main stations and transport hubs (including airports)
  • Validation of bus fleet needs to ensure the smooth running of transport operations
  • Functional analysis of competition and out-of-competition sites
  • Detailed evaluation of the transport budget
  • Preparation and conduct of the visit with the IOC transport expert