The entire Citec team wishes you a Happy New Year 2023!


In 2023, let's save energy, not ideas

Wars, global warming, purchasing power… The question of energy has become central today and will remain so. Therefore, how can we optimize this resource on which our mobility heavily relies? 

“We don’t have oil, but we do have ideas”, we heard during the 1973 oil crisis. Still, today, the many crises we are going through offer us opportunities to break our habits and reinvent ourselves. Energy conservation is now essential. Let’s see it as a challenge to our collective creativity and sense of adaptation: how to do more with less. 

Added to this necessary dose of creativity is the technical precision, pragmatism, and determination essential to move from the idea to its fulfilment. These guidelines will continue to be ours. Again, this year, we are delighted to put all our energy into exploring and making possible mobility solutions that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

Best wishes for a 2023 full of ideas to realize! 

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