Francisco Luciano

Directeur de projets de développement Veolia Transdev

no concessions in terms of quality

In 2003, Citec won a public tender in the French island of La Reunion. Their mission consisted in preparing a demand-forecast model for the ambitious Tram Train project, which I was managing at the time. They took their job very seriously and made no concessions in terms of quality, adapting their methodology to our needs and to the data available. I appreciated the way in which they constantly compared the classically forecasted results with empirical analogies, adding consistency and robustness to their figures.

But what I liked most about their approach was the effort they put into justifying and explaining their hypothesis, methods and results. Many people involved in transportation planning – regardless of whether they are politicians, civil servants or consultants – are quite cynical about forecasts: the Citec experts explained with talent and precision their work, rendering it credible and thus useful.

Franco Tufo and his team understand better than many other consulting firms that, in their line of business, true passion is needed to produce rational and useful results