Travel time and bounded rationality in travellers’ route choice behaviour: A computer route choice experiment


Auteur(s) :
Nicolas Chiabaut
Humberto González Ramírez
Ludovic Leclercq
Cécile Becarie
Jean Krug

Recent empirical studies have found that travellers route choices deviate from perfect rationality, showing that urban trips do not necessary follow the shortest-time routes.

However, there is no consent on how much the travellers’ route choice behaviour deviates from the perfect rational assumption. The objective of this study is to contribute to the understanding on how travellers process travel time when making route choices, and to quantify to what extent users are strict travel time minimisers or if bounded rationality is observed. The question of whether travellers evaluate travel time differences in absolute or relative terms is also addressed, and the heterogeneity in the route choice behaviour of travellers investigated.

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