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Impact analysis

Analyse, Anticipate, Plan, Measure, Assess, Inform, Monitor

Transport planning oriented to the environment


Activity domains

Current state analysis

  • Traffic scheme definition, public transport and soft mobility networks
  • Public transport offer mapping
  • Socio-economic analysis related to mobility trends
  • Average daily traffic load definition and peak hours
  • Road capacity factor calculation in the relevant junctions

Future state analysis (without project)

  • Future road projects and public transport development plans identification
  • Future average daily traffic load estimation and peak hours (considering “normal” trend of traffic evolution)
  • Road capacity estimation on the future road network

Impacts on the traffic due to the project

  • Parking spaces offer definition (based on the law requirements and environment targets)
  • Traffic generation due to the project (based on parking rotation factor and movements statistics in the area)
  • Traffic assignment on the road network
  • Impact of the project on the road traffic network
  • Definition of mitigation measures on the network and junctions to minimise the impacts

Construction phase

  • Traffic of heavy vehicles during the construction phases
  • Recommendations on access favourable routes
  • Monitoring and reporting system