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La Recherche et la Formation académique

Ou l'importance accordée à l'innovation et à la transmission du savoir

La pianificazione territoriale

Dai piani urbanistici ai piani di riqualificazione urbana

L'Aménagement du territoire

Du plan d'urbanisme au plan d'aménagement urbain

La Planification des transports

Au cœur de notre métier d'ingénieur

Activity domains

The Transport Planning is one of the main activities for Citec. The design and the construction of new transport infrastructures such as tramway, BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), as well as project of new parkings, malls, industrial areas, … strongly require the tools and a solid expertise in the field of transport engineering. The link with the urban planning, the urban space renovation and the transport is always one of the main focuses in Citec.


The Urban planning, in its various shapes and scales (from a urban plan for a whole town, scaled of 1/5’000, to a plan of renovation of a square, scaled of 1/100), is one of the main composants of the activity in Citec, and it is therefore treated with the maximum regard. From the concept to the implementation it is fundamental that the result for the community is satisfactory.

The infrastructural exploitation is the element useful to the public. It is the result coming from the objectives of the planning phase. Citec is strongly involved in the exploitation phases of transport systems, in particular in the traffic light management and in the railway timetable definition.

With continuous research activities Citec is able to maintain a close connection between innovation and pragmatic development in the domain of mobility.

Internal training (regular technical workshop for Citec’s team) and participation in the main European Universities’ academic activities – hépia (haute école du paysage, de l’ingénierie et de l’architecture à Genève), EPFL, sanu (Bienne), école des Ponts et Chaussées (Paris) – allow Citec to be always in touch with last technical developments. With such activities Citec contributes to the development of a useful knowledge to the collectivities.

This continuous educational program also guarantees all Citec’s staff to have the most advanced knowledge and experiences in all domains of mobility management.

Citec’s activity is based on 5 main points:

  • Planning
  • Urban development
  • Exploitation
  • Research
  • Education